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Condo Sale in Toronto Down By 31% In Q2, Retracing Insight

The global market has experienced financial stress due to the pandemic, and the real estate market is not left out. While the world was stuck indoors, the demand from homebuyers for Condos went down drastically. According to a report by CondoMapper, the Condo market experienced a 31% decline year on year in June. On the other hand, single-family homes seemed to fare better as their demand increased in the sale price, seeing a 2.6% year over year with sales totaling $322,000 in June. (more…)

singapore property

The Property Market in Singapore: Top Places to Invest

2019 started well for the real estate market in Singapore. Its corruption-free nature, open stance on foreign investments and strong currency, all that contribute to investors from all the world park their money in Singapore. Real estate is one of the areas where they like to invest most. In the past, it has done wonders to their balances. 2019 is expected to be a good year for real estate investments as well. (more…)

Koh Samui Property

Property on Koh Samui: buyers guide

Buying property on Koh Samui can be a rewarding investment option, your money will not go as far as it might do elsewhere in Thailand, but compared with Western markets there are still plenty of bargains to be had. The choice is surprisingly diverse with everything from high-end super villas down to basic bungalows on offer, either as a long lease or to buy outright. Views, space and local amenities are all aspects to consider before making a purchase. (more…)