Apartments for sale in Dubai: The ultimate guide

With the influx of people from classes into Dubai, the real estate is booming. There is a constant need for comfortable accommodation not only for families with children but also for young couples and even singles. What makes Dubai an attractive haven is that; one can choose from high-end opulent developments fitted with the latest facilities and equipment that one sees only in the interiors of a plush magazine to minimalistic spartan budget housing.

Dubai luxury Apartments for sale

The advantages of apartments over villas

Villas and apartments are both popular in Dubai. Those who like the quiet and want some private space for their children and do not mind the driving look for villas while the rest opt for apartments because it is more convenient. Here, you have neighbors right next door should you need help in an emergency. Even though not as private as villas, apartments give individuals an opportunity to mingle with others in the community and strike a friendship; it also provides families with young children playmates. Almost all apartments have 24 hours security which can reassure the inmates that they will never be surprised by unwelcome guests. And most importantly in apartments for a maintenance fee, you can use facilities like pools, gyms etc which are well maintained and hygienic unlike in villas where the entire upkeep is your headache.

Dubai Marina Apartments

Precautions to take when buying an apartment in Dubai

Dubai is known for its stringent rules and regulations but that does not mean that you can be lax in money matters especially when you are buying property. Here are a few precautions you must take before you invest in an apartment.

  • Not waiting for loan approval: In your eagerness to own property do not book a property unless you have secured the loan or you might end up losing the booking fees if your loan is not sanctioned.
  • Giving the home inspection amiss: You must know what is the status of the house if it is a secondhand sale. Usually, your real estate company will do the necessary inspection.
  • Avoiding expert help: Buying a property involves a lot of documentation and in the case of foreigners’ papers relating to visa etc. Just to save a few dollars do not skip reviewing all the documents by an attorney or an authorized real estate agency.
  • Choose a reliable broker: Go through friend’s reviews before engaging the services of any real estate agency. Make sure the agent understands your requirements exactly.

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Best places to check for apartments

Dubai Marina wins hands down as the most popular region for property investments. The area has an ideal mix of villas, apartments and retail and dining outlets. The rental returns here are good. One can choose from studio apartments to luxurious 5-bedroom apartments here. Pam Jumeira, Arabian Ranches are other popular destinations for property hunters.

If you cannot wait to have your own place in Dubai overlooking the Arabian Sea or the Burj Khalifa for a neighbor check out apartments for sale in Dubai for all the listings.